Which Season is Best For Air Duct Cleaning?

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Which Season is Best For Air Duct Cleaning?

During the winter and summer seasons, homeowners often use air ducts for cooling and heating. Yet they don’t realize that when they are using those ducts at that time, they are losing a lot of warm and cool air due to the air ducts having holes, leaks or tears. 

These leaks and holes are common in houses that have been around for a considerable time. Therefore, getting the air ducts cleaned when you are not using them is essential. Having a scheduled cleaning would be preferable for homeowners to avoid future mishaps. You will always need to stay updated and search for the best air duct cleaning near me to get your cleaning done by the experts.

How Duct Cleaning is Performed?

Air duct cleaning needs specialized tools, which the experts carry. Duct cleaning needs tools to dislodge and agitate the dirt and the dust to make it lose and airborne before they are vacuumed out. Sometimes, ducts are also cut for the tools to make the cleaning process easier. The ducts also need to be carefully resealed once it is opened, and that is why calling up experts from the best HVAC repair in Pasadena is always a good choice. 

Air duct cleaning needs specialized attention, and therefore it is carefully performed. The process of the duct cleaning is mentioned below: 

  • Inspecting the ducts
  • Creating negative pressure
  • Agitate the dust
  • Clean the remainder of the system 

What is the Best Time to Clean the Air Ducts?

There is no such best time for cleaning the air ducts, despite what you have gone through in the browser. Some of the homeowners may need the service only once a year, or sometimes it can go up to twice or thrice depending upon the condition of the air duct system. 

If your HVAC system or the air ducts are not cleaned in a while, the system’s functioning would be hampered, resulting in less efficiency. Some of the best seasons to get your air ducts cleaned would be for the winter, summer, fall, and spring. 

Why is Spring Considered the Best Season for Air Duct Cleaning?

Air duct cleaning can be performed at any time of the year, but it is always considered the best when cleaning is done for the spring season. Home owners will get an added advantage of cleaning the air ducts during the springtime. 

The first is that the spring season is mild, and your system is turned off fully. This will allow you to have better air quality without any disruption. This will also remove any winter dirt that sticks to the system and also, at the same time, will keep away any insects and rodents that are present in the system.

Homeowners can also choose the summer and winter seasons to clean their air ducts. This will allow them to enjoy these seasons comfortably. Homeowners will be able to keep their indoor cooler in summer and warmer in the winter. Google best AC repair near me , and contact us to get the best repairs and services done by our professionals. We will be happy to help you!

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