Reasons For A Foul-Smelling Heater

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Reasons For A Foul-Smelling Heater

Heaters are one of the best appliances to help you maintain a comfortable and warm temperature in your home. However, one mistake that heater owners often make at the beginning of the winter season is that they start using their heaters without a maintenance schedule.

Almost every heater owner knows that a heater gives off a burning smell when they work for a few days; the dust on the heater burns due to the high temperature. But, if your heater continues giving off a foul smell, you should contact your technician for a furnace service in Pasadena.

Some Reasons For a Foul Smell From Your Heater:

Dirty Air Vents and Filters

The warm air from the heater reaches your home and rooms through the vents and filters. If the system is clean from the inside yet the foul smell remains, you should check your air filters.

Air vents and heater filters often get clogged and build up bacteria and mildew due to not working for months. The foul smell may be due to the mildew and unwanted growths in the vents. You should replace the filters regularly and use a dry-wet vacuum to remove any clogging in the vents to avoid a foul smell.


Your heater will give off a burning smell for the first few days of working due to the dust inside it. After a few days, the burning smell should go away.

However, if the burning smell continues bugging you, it may be possible that there is more dust in the system than you thought. In addition, you may not clean the system thoroughly due to the lack of the right equipment, so you should contact your technician for a heating services in Pasadena to clean the system and vents.


Debris works in the same way as dust works. If you have children in your home, they may have hidden their plastic toys and other small playable items in the ducts for fun, which may start melting due to the high temperatures when you use your heater.

It would help if you tried to locate which vent gives off the burning plastic smell to narrow down the possibilities. Once you find the vent, try to see if you can reach the debris yourself. If you cannot do so, contacting a professional is your safest choice.

Wiring Problems

A heater has hundreds of wires in it that work continuously for the efficient working of the system. With years of working, they may wear out and face damage. The heat exchanger, blower motor, circuit breakers, and thermostat may also face wiring problems that give off a burning smell.

Wiring problems can damage your system, home, and family. For example, suppose you notice a burning smell that continuously lingers in your home, even though the above three factors are not the reason. In that case, you should immediately contact your technician for professional assistance.

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