Steps And Tips To Replace A Furnace Fan Limit Switch

There are a variety of common furnace problems that cause the fan to keep running. If the furnace fails to operate, it will help cool the furnace if it becomes overheated. The issue is that when the limit switch malfunctions, the switch sends a false signal to the heating and air system and makes it […]

Why Heat Pumps Are The Best Option For Both Heating And Cooling?

A heat pump is an electrically powered device that takes heat from a cold source and then transfers it to a warmer area (a sink). It is natural for heat to flow from places with higher temperatures to areas with lower temperatures. The heat pump utilizes electric energy to counteract naturally flowing heat and transfer […]

Most Common Central Heating Unit Problems

Nothing is worse than having a broken furnace in cold winters. While it is essential to repair your furnace immediately if it has stopped functioning, there are a few ways to identify issues before they become severe and save money on much more costly emergency heating services in Pasadena. 5 Most Common Central Heating Unit […]

How Long Does A Furnace Last Normally?

A furnace is one of the essential components of a home, so homeowners should be aware of their life expectancy. In general, it’s difficult to predict how long your furnace will last or when it has to be replaced. This is because different furnace models have different lifespans, and several other factors can also impact […]

Why Is Furnace Maintenance Important?

Whether it is your house, car, or HVAC equipment, all these need maintenance annually or after a particular period. Your furnace also needs a maintenance service to remain in its best condition. No one would like to struggle with an inefficient furnace after spending a significant amount on furnace installation in Pasadena. The most common […]

5 Tips To Prepare Your Home’s HVAC System For A Snowstorm

Winters in Pasadena can last almost four months, and the temperature can go below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If a problem occurs with your heating system, you may require several HVAC repairs in Pasadena, especially if you failed to prepare it for winter. This preparation includes some professional and DIY services from skilled technicians. Five Tips […]

Is It Bad To Run My Heating System 24/7?

It is not bad to run your heating equipment 24/7 when the temperature drops. Any heating equipment, whether a furnace or heat pump, is made to keep you warm all day. However, you may face minor consequences for running the system for the entire day and week.  These devices are designed so that you can […]

Why Is My Water Heater Leaking From The Bottom?

A water heater is an essential appliance in households, and If it is leaking, this might be a concern for you. It is more complex than any other home appliances, so if you are facing an issue, contact Pasadena’s most professional heating services, Loves Heating and Air. Causes of Water Leaking From the Bottom of the […]

7 Reasons Why The Air Conditioner Smells Bad

Your air conditioner must work efficiently to provide cool, clean air. Every time you turn on your air conditioner, you expect it to blow fresh and pleasant-smelling air. Your air conditioner may give off a severely foul smell, disturbing your home’s environment. Several factors can affect indoor air quality and make the air conditioner smell […]

Reasons Your Compressor Is Not Working Efficiently

The compressor plays a huge role in your home’s efficiency and cooling. With a malfunctioning compressor, an air conditioner cannot cool your home to your comfort and standard. The basic work of a compressor is to maintain the transfer cycle of the refrigerant liquid from the evaporator coils to the condenser coils and vice versa. […]