11 Tips to Get Better Energy-Efficient HVAC Unit

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11 Tips to Get Better Energy-Efficient HVAC Unit

Having better energy efficiency means less consumption of it, without compromising on comfort. The energy efficiency of your HVAC system depends on three things:

  • The SEER rating of the equipment 
  • Annual tune-up
  • Self-maintenance 

The more efficient your system will be, the better it is for the environment and your income.

You can increase the efficiency of your HVAC system by installing a system that has a high SEER rating. The rating should be at least 16, not less than this. It is the easiest way to get an energy-efficient heating or cooling system. In addition to this, there are many other ways to increase the energy efficiency of your HVAC.

11 Ways to Get More Energy-Efficient HVAC Unit:

  • Get rid of the outdated thermostat

Due to our busy schedule, we cannot check and set the temperature often. A smart programmable thermostat can automatically set the temperature as we like and turns off the running system when the temperature meets the desired level. You can also set the timer on a programmable thermostat.

  • Don’t wait for 15 years for HVAC replacement

Even if the air conditioner or furnace has a lifespan of 15 years, one should not wait for this much time to replace them. The condition of the HVAC system deteriorates with time. 

After a decade, it requires frequent repairs, and the system’s energy efficiency cannot be enhanced. It is better to replace and switch to a more efficient HVAC system once your system has completed ten years.

  • Clean up AC unit internally and externally

Clean every component of your AC or heater promptly. The air conditioning system requires more frequent cleaning than the heater. Replace the air filter, clean the outdoor unit, and make the drainage line blockage-free. 

  • Never skip the HVAC diagnosis test

The annual inspection or tune-up is essential. Neglecting this means inviting higher energy consumption. If you skip the yearly AC inspection, you will need AC repair. Neglected tune-up degrades the condition of your system resulting in more consumption of energy.

  • Invest in a good quality insulation

Insulate the whole refrigerant line and wiring system of your house well. Inspect insulation from time to time to find if it is broken or rotten. Get double insulation on walls. Insulation prevents leakage and wastage of energy

  • Stop outdoor heat from entering indoor

If you don’t keep your window closed during summer or put a curtain on it, the increasing heat will easily enter the room. Do not let excessive outside heat enter your room. When the room gets heated up quickly, the AC unit constantly runs to reduce the heat. As a result, it ends up consuming more energy.

  • Replace the filter when required

A clogged air filter makes all other components get dirty. The collection of dirt inside HVAC equipment results in the clogging of other components. This clogging will make HVAC functioning harder, and the HVAC system will consume more energy to perform its function.

Thus, you should replace the filter at least once every three months. For that contact experts for best HVAC repair near you.

  • Do not rely only on HVAC for cooling and heating

If you constantly run your air conditioner without giving it a break, it will wear out faster. You can depend on the fan when you feel that the weather is not too hot. The same goes with the furnace system. Because when these systems deteriorate faster, their energy efficiency also degrades.

  • Install the multi-zone system

A multi-zone system is extremely beneficial as it helps you set a separate temperature for each room. In this way, you can reduce utility bills.

  • Choose ductless instead of ducted

If you are soon going to replace your old system, install a ductless system. A mini-split is more energy efficient. The ductless HVAC also prevents refrigerant wastage that takes place due to ductwork. 

You can also get energy rebates from the HVAC contractor for installing a more efficient system. Look for an  HVAC company near me via Google, to get the appropriate ductless system installed in your house.

  • Give rest to other electronic equipment

The other electronic equipment increases the heat when they are constantly used. Because of the increase in the heat, the air conditioner will have to work more to cool the room. Hence, AC will demand more energy to meet the required temperature.


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