5 Cooling Mistakes That Could be Costing You Money

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5 Cooling Mistakes That Could be Costing You Money

When an AC functions poorly or provides unsatisfactory cooling, most people worry about its repair expenses and start looking for affordable Pasadena heating and air conditioning services.

5 Cooling Mistakes That Can Lead to An Increase in Utility Bills:

  • Everything DIY

From AC installation to its repair, if you prefer doing it all yourself, you are inviting expensive AC services. AC installation and its repair are tricky tasks. Both need extreme knowledge and experience. As we don’t have in-depth knowledge of AC mechanisms, we end up installing AC improperly or damaging its parts while repairing it.

One should leave these two tasks to a professional. Also, while scheduling service with a professional, Google ‘AC service near me’. You get faster and better service when the AC service provider is near your area.

  • Not Blocking the Outside Heat

The AC works harder when the room keeps getting hotter every minute. The room gets quickly heated up when we keep our windows and doors open during summers. Therefore, a compressor runs constantly to cool the room. Close the windows and door.

Make sure that you have put a curtain over the windows. If you do not block the outside heat, the AC compressor will constantly run to adjust the suitable temperature. A constantly running AC gets damaged quicker.

  • Poor Installation Location

If the AC is installed at a location where direct sunlight reaches, and there are airflow-restricting things nearby, your AC will not work efficiently for a longer time. If the AC is installed by a professional, the technician will ensure a proper location for the installation.

  • Incorrect AC size

It is necessary to calculate AC size before investing in a new AC. Nowadays, you will easily find many online calculators to calculate AC size. The other way to calculate the correct AC size:

  • Multiply the room’s length, width, and height.
  • Multiply the product of the above calculation by 25.

This way, you will get to know what BTU capacity your AC should have.

  • Thermostat Myth

Many HVAC owners assume that lowering the thermostat temperature will cool the room quickly, but it’s not true. The lower temperature settings only lead to temperature variations and high electricity consumption. To reduce electricity use and better temperature control, you should replace your old thermostat with a programmable thermostat.

With these common mistakes, ignoring the annual AC service can also cost you unexpected costly repairs in the future.

Your choice of HVAC professional also determines the later AC problems. If you don’t check the HVAC contractor’s license, experience, and testimonial of the HVAC contractor, or you fall for too low prices, it will waste your hard-earned money.

Love’s Heating and Air has 20 years of experience, a NATE license, and a great reputation. We offer HVAC services and green energy solutions at reasonable charges. If you live within the counties of Maryland and have been searching for an ‘HVAC repair in Pasadena’, schedule a service with us now.

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