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How To Make Sure Your AC is Ready For Summer?

The summer season in Pasadena, MD, lasts for a short period, but the temperature increases with each passing day and reaches its peak at 97 degrees Fahrenheit. You don’t have to worry about the heatwave as long as you have an efficient air conditioning unit.

Before using your air conditioning unit in the summers, ensure it is ready to win over the heatwave. An AC tune-up in Pasadena, MD, helps you prepare your AC for summers, but that is not enough. There are a few other things you should check before the summer arrives. 

You Have Replaced The Air Filter

A dirty air filter can restrict the airflow, and it can also lead to AC failure sooner than expected. To replace the air filter, you will have to locate it first. You can find the air filter location in your AC manual too.

Most of the air filters are located near the return air duct. After finding the air filters, unscrew the panel. Then, Pull out the air filter. If it is washable, clean it with water and detergent. Once it gets completely dry, put it back to its location.

If it’s disposable, spend on a good quality HEPA filter of the same size. Place the new filter where the old filter was located. While placing the filter, ensure that the arrows on the air filter are towards the direction of the return air duct. Then, put the panel over it.

You have cleaned the AC unit

Half of the AC problems occur due to the absence of cleaning. If the AC components are too dirty, they will not work efficiently. It will impact the room temperature. To clean the outdoor unit, you need a coil cleaning spray, a vacuum, a water hose, and a brush. Using these things, you can clean your AC unit yourself.

You have to unscrew the side and top panel of the outdoor unit. Then, you can start cleaning the components but be careful about wires, fins, and motor. You must not damage any AC component while cleaning the outdoor unit. To clean the drainage line, flush it with chlorine bleach and water.

Examine the air ducts

Check whether the air ducts are blowing air or not. You can examine the air registers. If it is blowing the air, you will feel it. The ductwork needs a cleaning service when you feel no cool air flow through the air register. The air ducts need cleaning once every 3 or 5 years. 

If you have not scheduled ductwork cleaning for the last 3 to 5 years, schedule it immediately. Also, check the duct line carefully. If there is moisture near the ductwork, the coolant is probably leaking. Sometimes, it is hard to find the leaking area. However, a professional can do it quickly.

Once you finish examining these, schedule an AC tune-up and leave the rest to the technician. The technician will inspect AC and let you know if you need air conditioner repair.

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