4 Reasons Why AC is Not Working

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4 Reasons Why AC is Not Working

Your air conditioner is a year-round companion; you want it to operate without any problem every time you switch it on. However, there are situations when your HVAC system will not start up. You don’t need to panic if you are in a similar dilemma. It could be an easy remedy that requires only a bit of time and effort or perhaps a quick Google search for air conditioning or air duct cleaning near you.

Reasons Why Your AC is Giving You Problems

This troubleshooting checklist for air conditioners will help you recognize typical issues and find workable solutions.

  • Blocked Fan

The outdoor condenser unit relies on a steady supply of fresh air. Shrubs and other plants in the area can block this. If the condenser coil is clogged by debris, such as dirt or leaves, heat transfer is reduced, making the unit work much harder to achieve any cooling. It can cause overheating and system failure.

  • Compressor Is Malfunctioning

The compressor controls refrigerant flow between the evaporator and condenser and is essential to any air conditioning system. A broken condenser, consequently, cannot effectively chill air. It would help if you replaced the broken compressor. Google ‘AC service near me’ to help you out.

  • Insufficient Refrigerant

The condenser in your cooling system transfers the heat from the heated refrigerant gas to the cooler air outside, and the cycle continues. A lack of refrigerant in an air conditioner naturally reduces its cooling capacity. If your air conditioner isn’t cooling, it could be that the refrigerant is leaking out. By having your air conditioner serviced regularly, you can avoid this problem.

  • Condenser Is Clogged

The outdoor condenser unit needs a steady flow of fresh air. Shrubs and other plants in the area can block this flow of air. If the condenser coil is blocked by debris, such as dirt or leaves, heat transfer is reduced, and the unit must work much harder to achieve any cooling, which can cause overheating and, eventually, system failure.

Why Should You Pay Attention To Maintenance?

Here are just a few perks of getting a regular tune-up for your AC:

  • Uses Less Energy

Your air conditioner will run more efficiently and cost less if you maintain it clean and serviced regularly. Without regular servicing, your air conditioner will have to work harder, increasing its energy consumption and monthly utility costs.

  • Increases Lifespan of The Unit

Regular service also helps extend your air conditioner’s life and keep it functioning more efficiently. Minimal effort spent on maintenance can save you a lot of money in the long run by preventing minor issues.

  • Better Comfort

Preparing for the hot summer months by tuning up your equipment can ensure the comfort and safety of your family, tenants, and customers. If you want to battle the heat and be safe, keep your air conditioner in good working order.

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