Reasons Your Compressor Is Not Working Efficiently

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Reasons Your Compressor Is Not Working Efficiently

The compressor plays a huge role in your home’s efficiency and cooling. With a malfunctioning compressor, an air conditioner cannot cool your home to your comfort and standard. The basic work of a compressor is to maintain the transfer cycle of the refrigerant liquid from the evaporator coils to the condenser coils and vice versa.

Signs Your AC Condenser Is Not Working:

You should contact a technician immediately and search for air conditioner repair service near you when you notice signs that may damage your compressor.

  • Dirty Condenser Coils

If the condenser coils remain dirty for a long time, the refrigerant in those coils will not be able to expand or contract effectively. Due to the ineffective working of refrigerant, your air conditioner will not cool properly. Clean your condenser coils regularly to avoid this issue.

  • Suction Line Problems

Suction lines control the moisture levels of your home. Moisture levels play an important role in the proper working of your compressor. The compressor needs balanced humidity levels to function efficiently. If the suction lines remain clogged, the compressor will not work properly and eventually go bad.

Moreover, if the suction lines are not of the right size, for example, if they are too small or too large, they will not be able to remove moisture efficiently, and your compressor will eventually suffer.

  • Unbalanced Refrigerant Levels

The work of a compressor is to manage the transfer of refrigerant to different parts of the system. If the refrigerant is not as much as it should be, the compressor will not be able to work with its highest efficiency levels, leading to malfunctioning.

You should call a technician regularly for AC service in Pasadena, MD, to refill the refrigerant levels. Further, if the refrigerant level is too much, it may start leaking from the compressor or the coils, leading to unexpected and severe problems with the air conditioner. The refrigerant should not be too much or too less.

  • Electrical Issues

Electrical issues include problems with the signal transfer within the air conditioner, due to which the compressor may not work as it should. You should frequently check your thermostat to ensure it signals the system accurately. If you think you cannot pay much attention to your thermostat, install a smart thermostat, which can care for all such problems.

  • Oil Lubrication

Lubrication of the air conditioner is important for the smooth working of the system. Several movable parts inside your air conditioner need lubrication to avoid wear and tear damage. If the wear and tear damage exceeds, it can harm the compressor and other parts around it.


Due to their busy schedules, we understand it is not easy for air conditioner owners to check their air conditioners and other HVAC appliances regularly.

In such cases, you should stay in touch with an experienced HVAC company to help you get through AC and heating problems. Loves Heating & Air is more than happy to help you with this. Contact us if you are searching for air duct cleaning near you.

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