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5 Ways to Maintain Your AC Unit

Air conditioners are essential in the summer because they create a comfortable environment inside the house and protect you and your family from the oppressive heat outside.

Given the significance of your home’s air conditioner, you must keep it in good shape with the assistance of air conditioner repair in Pasadena, MD. Perform routine equipment maintenance to ensure it keeps working well. Poorly maintained air conditioners use more energy and don’t cool the home very well.

Top 5 tips to take care of your AC

  • Regularly Change the Filters

An air filter stops allergens, grime, and dust from entering your home, but it only works if the filters are clean and not clogged with particles. Dirty air filters strain your air conditioner and reduce indoor air quality. When the filters are clean, air may flow freely and without impediment. Hence it is important to change your filters routinely to ensure clean and healthy air.

  • Cleaning The Outside Unit

When debris like dead leaves and grass clippings accumulate around an AC unit, it impedes the system’s efficiency and makes it harder for cool air to circulate. Covering the top of the condenser with plywood or plastic when it is not in use during the winter is a good idea because it will prevent debris from falling into the unit.

  • Cleaning coils

The coils are a vital (internal) part of your air conditioning system. Dirt builds up on the coils and acts as an insulator, reducing the heat they can absorb. It causes your air conditioner to work more than usual to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Always ensure the coils in your air conditioner are clean to ensure it has the least amount of work to do.

  • Unclogging the drain

A condensate drain takes care of condensation. The draining process will stop if the condensate drain gets clogged. If you see that water is collecting and not draining, submit a service request to a reputable service provider. Google ‘air conditioner repair service near you’ and have them take a look.

  • Inspect your thermostat

Make sure your thermostat is functioning properly by checking its settings. There are programmable thermostats available that can be a worthwhile upgrade from an older mechanical model. When no one is home, a programmable thermostat can be set to a warmer temperature without turning off the air conditioning system.

Keep Up With Tune-Up

Keeping up with your air conditioner’s maintenance can help you save money on utility costs and keep your unit running smoothly. Experts in AC maintenance have the know-how to investigate and identify the source of any problems plaguing your system. You should perform regular maintenance on your air conditioner for optimum efficiency.

It is essential to have your air conditioner regularly serviced by qualified professionals to ensure that you and your loved ones enjoy the greatest amount of home comfort possible throughout the hot summer months.


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