Why Is My Heat Pump Unable To Maintain The Desired Temperature?

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Why Is My Heat Pump Unable To Maintain The Desired Temperature?

A heat pump works the same way in the cold season as it would in the summer, but in reverse. A heat pump has a closed-loop system that allows it to work both ways. During winter, it extracts available heat from the outdoor air and brings it to your home.

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Causes of the Heating Pump not Maintaining the Desired Temperature

  • The Unit is Iced Over.

A temperature lower than 70 degrees could cause your heating system to freeze. When this happens, the system will function at a different speed and could struggle to maintain a specific temperature.

Furthermore, your system could be more susceptible to issues if you continue using it even when it’s iced over. For instance, the fan blades of your unit could break, or refrigerant might leak out of an outdoor appliance.

  • Malfunctioning Outdoor Heat Pump Unit.

If the issue is not with the ice, it may be caused by a defective component. Find the problem with your heat source. Check that your power source is on if the device isn’t working. It may be necessary to change the air filters if they become blocked. This improves the heating capacity as well as improves the indoor air quality.

You should contact our HVAC specialist for heat pump repair in Pasadena if you don’t see any changes following these actions. You might have problems with other parts which make the heating process function.

  • The System Needs to be Fixed.

If your heating system cannot turn on, it will likely be unable to maintain the temperatures you’ve set. This can quickly become an emergency, particularly in freezing temperatures.

A qualified professional will be able to identify the problem and suggest the best way to proceed with the heat pump, whether it’s a simple repair or heating replacement in Pasadena.

  • Vents are Closed.

If certain rooms feel like they’re at the temperature you set, but other rooms are substantially cooler or warmer, The reason could be just as simple as having closed vents in your room. Check that all rooms have vents open before calling an expert.

  • Insufficient Home Insulation.

Another thing to watch for is a lack of insulation in your home. This could make it hard for your heating system to keep up with dropping temperatures. It means your home won’t be as cozy as you’d prefer requiring frequent heat pump repair in Pasadena.

Although it might be, ensure that all windows are shut and appropriately insulate them. Repair any air leaks using sealant and weatherstripping. Contact our certified HVAC expert for help in locating and fixing leaks.

    • An Aging Heat Pump.

The efficiency of older heat pumps decreases as time passes. The average lifespan of heat pumps is around 12-15 years. You should consider a heating replacement in Pasadena if your heating system is old. Consult our experienced HVAC expert to make the right choice regarding your equipment.


The Loves Heating and Air Conditioning professionals know you cannot afford to be without heating during the coldest days. If your heater isn’t operating correctly and you are looking for a reliable heat pump repair near me, leave us a mail or call.

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