Why Is My Heat Pump Blowing Cold Air?

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Why Is My Heat Pump Blowing Cold Air?

Most heating systems use natural gas and electricity, while propane tanks, furnaces, and geothermal systems are also used in small amounts. It depends on what kind of heating system you own and why your heating system blows cold air.

Causes to Determine if a Quick Fix Can be Accomplished

Check out the potential causes below to determine if a quick fix can be accomplished without calling our company for heating tune-up in Pasadena.

  • Improper Thermostat Settings

It’s possible to alter the thermostat settings accidentally. Before contacting our professional, verify that the thermostat is set properly. Confirm that the blower motor is in automated mode instead of being in ‘on’ mode. Even though it generates heat, your heating system will operate continuously if the thermostat is set to on.

  • Damage to the Pilot Light

Pilot lights create the spark that burns fuel or natural gas in furnaces. If the pilot light isn’t functioning properly, there won’t be an initiating spark, and the fuel won’t burn. Using a lighter or burner, relight the pilot light so the fuel can begin to burn.

  • Dirty Air Filters

The air filters on your furnace ensure that indoor air quality is high and adequate airflow is provided. Overheating and dirty air filters cause long heating cycles. Dirty air filters can also affect your furnace’s heating efficiency, so clean and replace them regularly. Locating the air filters in your furnace is simple.

  • The Air Ducts are Leaking

When your air ducts have gaps or leaks, the heat escapes before it can reach your vents. The system may need to be updated for this to happen. Depending on the level of damage, duct sealing could be the solution to leaky ducts, whether using tape or new pieces. To identify the areas of concern, a professional should conduct an inspection.

  • A Dirty Flame Detector

A flame detector is used instead of a pilot light in your furnace. If you don’t clean the flame detector for a long time, dirt and dust will build up. Heat will quickly escape your furnace if the flame detector is dirty, so there will be no hot air to circulate.

To avoid this issue, clean the flame detector frequently. Moreover, you can hire our professional who offers heat pump service in Pasadena to perform regular maintenance on your heat pump.

  • Blocked Condensate Pipes

A blockage in the ductwork may cause the burners to stop working, and you may only receive warm air once the burners are repaired. A long brush can clean the blockage in the condensate drain.

Our experts for heating services in Pasadena recommend pouring boiling water down the drain to clean it. To prevent future blockages, pour a spoonful of baking soda and vinegar down the pipe after a few minutes.


Most HVAC problems can be resolved with a few tests. If you are unsure, you can call an expert rather than doing all the work yourself. For more information about repairs for your heater, contact Loves Heating & Air Conditioning. Reach us at (410) 705-2039 or visit our website to learn more about our heating services.

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