Why Is My Heat Pump Not Cooling?

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Why Is My Heat Pump Not Cooling?

As the temperatures start to cool, it is time to turn up the heat. When your heating system works efficiently, you sometimes forget about its upkeep. This often results in your heat pump not producing enough heat to warm you up.

Hence it is imperative to schedule a routine tune-up of your heat pump by calling experts from reliable  HVAC companies near me. This regular tune-up will ensure your heat pump never get a hard time heating your place.

Why Is The Heat Pump Not Cooling Adequately?

The reasons why your heat pump isn’t cooling your home efficiently can range from small to major. Some of the prominent reasons a heat pump fails to cool adequately are listed below.

  • The Thermostat Is Not Adjusted Accurately.

A thermostat issue could be the primary reason your heat pump is not cooling, whether it would not start or produce warm air. For the heat pump to execute cooling sessions, the thermostat must remain set to cool mode.

Also, if you choose a heat setting, the heating system will continue to operate heating cycles and transfer heat into your living rooms. If your heating pump fails to cool your house when you want it to, check the desired temperature on your thermostat or call experts for heat pump repair in Pasadena.

  • The Heat Source Gets Stuck In Heating Mode.

If your heating system still produces heat even if it is running and the thermostat remains correctly set to cool, it indicates that the system’s reversal valve got jammed. If this happens, the element that permits the system to switch between heating and air conditioning functions fails to function correctly, prohibiting the system from running in cooling mode.

A blocked reversing valve usually get induced by a defective internal component, which prevents the reversal valve from being signalled to open, or the slider within the valve has become jammed, preventing the valve from opening. These concerns can be resolved with an expert repair, as either the slider or the actuator must get adjusted.

  • The Heating System Froze. 

When coolant escapes the duct due to a leak, there is insufficient refrigerant in the system to achieve heat exchange. The source of the leak must be discovered and repaired, and the device must then get replenished with sufficient refrigerant. A clogged air filter restricts air passage through the device vital for the heat pump to operate correctly. Also, a clogged air filter restricts air passage through the system, indispensable for the heat pump to function correctly.

  • The Blower Isn’t Working.

A broken blower could be to blame if your system is working but not cooling properly. Even though the system adequately cool, no cold air may get pumped through the outlets into your living space if the blower is not operating. Check the thermostat’s fan condition to ensure they are set to AUTO and not switched off.

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