Do You Know What Does It Mean When a Furnace Short Cycles?

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Do You Know What Does It Mean When a Furnace Short Cycles?

Short cycling refers to a furnace that cycles on and off too frequently. Depending on the state of the furnace and the outside temperatures, this can happen anywhere from three to eight times each hour. The furnace could be a problem if it cycles too frequently or operates for a minute or two before turning off.

How does short cycling help us?

Though it’s irritating when your furnace shuts off for anything as trivial as a clogged air filter, such safety features keep your family and house safe. There is a silver lining to short cycling as it shows that the furnace’s safety systems are in place and are preventing something more severe from occurring.

  • Fires, carbon monoxide leaks, and gas leaks are all prevented by the safety devices built into furnaces. The fan limiter, which protects fires and furnace damage by shutting down the system if the heat exchanger becomes too hot, is most likely the cause of short cycling. 
  • If the flue is clogged, the flue limiter can shut the system down to prevent combustion gas accumulations, and if the igniter fails, the flame sensor can shut the system down and prevent further loss. 
  • If the flue or vent pipe is damaged, it will shut down the furnace to protect you from poisonous carbon monoxide.
  • The gas valve and furnace will be turned off if the flame sensor becomes filthy or if the thermocouple becomes damaged. This keeps natural gas from accumulating and causing a fire.
  • If the hot surface igniter on furnaces fails, the furnace will shut down to prevent harmful gas collection.
  • The fan limiter prevents the heat exchanger from becoming too hot to ignite or damage a fire, such as cracks leading to carbon monoxide leakage. 

Short cycling causes more issues

Short cycling is a problem that some homeowners face when they turn on their furnaces for the first time during the cold season. Ignoring a problem with a short-cycling furnace might lead to even more severe issues than the lack of heat. Allowing the problem to persist, even if it is something as simple as a filthy air filter or a malfunctioning thermostat, may cause components in your furnace to break. It is thus advised to take professional help for heating services in Pasadena as soon as possible.

Preventing short furnace cycling

Many of the problems that can cause a furnace to fail due to short cycling can be resolved with routine maintenance. The simplest approach is changing your air filter regularly. Before the cold season hits, you should complete seasonal maintenance. 

Performing a thorough inspection of your furnace to ensure it is ready to heat your home during the winter can help you avoid both minor and significant issues. Contact a competent HVAC specialist who does a heating tuneup in Pasadena to examine your system when you notice a problem. 

If you seek an expert for heating replacement in Pasadena to save money on furnace installation and service, call us at 410-705-2082 or mail us at [email protected]

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