You asked that I let you know after a year how my geothermal costs compared to my oil heat and central air conditioning costs.

It’s a great comparison. I had $4,041 the year before in heating oil and service costs that are gone forever as a yearly cost. I expected to have a higher electric bill, and I did pay more than $206 more in electricity this year, however the rates have increased, and I believe the winter has been much colder, so it is hard to compare exactly (In addition, I switched from well to city water, so I do not have the cost of the electric well pump, and I do have a small new quarterly water cost (about $20). On the other hand I no longer run a humidifier in winter or space heaters in the basement, so I am thinking that overall my costs for electricity are lower, all things considered).

The only thing to add to the list is a yearly service contract with you.

By the time I deduct 1/3 of the up-front costs from federal taxes, $5K tax rebate from Howard County, and $1,500 from the state, and achieve a saving of about $4,000 a year, it will take me less than 4 years to recoup my investment in geothermal.

Not only that, I love the clean, quiet, more functional system!

I’m definitely a happy customer, and your Company has been great to work with.



I wanted to say Thank You to your company for the quick response and repair to my Air Conditioner on 25 July 2010. I called your company around 8:30 am on a Sunday and you were able to get a service technician, (JAMIE), to my home within 2 hours. Jamie quickly identified a bad capacitor on my AC unit and had my AC up and running by 11:00 am. Great service, your emergency fee was lower than some of your competitors and you had be best response time.

Thanks, I will recommend your company in the future and will call you first for my future HVAC needs.

Tim H. & Debi J.

Our entire geothermal HVAC installation, from wells to interior ductwork, was performed by Love’s Geothermal. John Love took personal responsibility for our complex project, and was instrumental in our being able to attain LEED Platinum status.

[Read The Baltimore Sun article about the Hopkins/Jarrell home]

Jeff F.

Loves Heating & AirWe had our geothermal system installed by Love’s Heating and Air and we have been extremely happy with the results. Attached is a graph (see above) of our annual total residential electrical consumption using a conventional (air exchange) heat pump compared to the ground source heat pump. We saved every month of the year with the greatest savings during the heating and cooling seasons. Also, we had a desuperheater installed at the same time so some of the savings is in hot water. We made no other changes in our home in terms of insulation or # or occupants. Over the course of the year with geothermal we used 67% of the kWh used the previous year and saved over $2K. I can’t compare the severity of weather over the two years but obviously I’m a big believer in geothermal


I wanted to drop a note and say how professional and helpful Jamie was. I would highly recommend your company after the service I received.

Mary & Gary

To Home Owners Considering Going Geothermal,

Last summer our house was crawling with contractors. After 23 years the old homestead was feeling its age, so we were in the market to do some major sprucing up. We listened to dozens of salesmen pitching their products and services. Some were slick. Most were simply salesmen – men who would not set foot on our property again.

When it came to providing us with estimates for having a geothermal heating system installed, the stakes got a little higher. This would cost more than the new roof, the new attic insulation, or the cosmetic power washing and painting. And it would matter more. We are creatures of comfort. While we wanted to save energy, we wanted to be warm and cozy in the winter and still be able to keep our cool during Maryland’s hot summers. Even after researching how the geothermal process works, we were a little nervous.

It didn’t help that the one spokesman admitted that were we to choose his company, everything would be subbed out. The fact that another company’s salesman named a price, but neglected to explain to us how their particular product would be installed or operate, left us feeling less than confident. Enter John Love.

It was immediately clear to us that John wanted us to be comfortable with his price, his product, his service, his company and its track record. He answered our questions. Talked us through the process. Choosing Love’s Heating and Cooling was the easiest decision we made all summer. We both felt comfortable and completely at ease.

John’s crew was wonderful. Polite, respectful of our home and our decisions, always keeping us informed of what was going on. John’s son helped us to program our thermostat for both the winter and summer, explaining everything we needed to know as we made our choices. John made sure that all of the work was done to his satisfaction, and to ours. The county inspector found no fault. John made sure we had all our paperwork in order to meet county and state requirements for energy rebates and grants.

We couldn’t be happier with our new heating and cooling system. Our utility bills are far lower and we’ve been harvesting strawberries that are now growing where the ugly old air conditioning unit used to be!

Mary & Gary
Severna Park, MD


I had great service from Love’s. The President, John Love came to my house and proposed a new system. Brand name, great warranty, and much better pricing than several competitors. Service was prompt and professional. Nearly one year later, I noticed an small oil leak at the compressor. They dispatched someone immediately and found a tiny pinhole leak in the coolant line. No questions, no hassle, they sent someone out two days later to fix the problem with nothing more than a handshake as payment. “In my opinion” they do stand by their word, even long after the installation is done.

Pros: Professional, honest, reliable…


John and I would like to take this opportunity to recognize all whose contributions to Waveland have made our home a reality. Your workmanship and conduct have been exemplary, and for this we say thank-you.

Our home is truly beautiful! Please know how appreciative we are of you and of each and every detail from start to finish. We remain forever grateful.

To have not been here when the system was being installed would not have given us a real appreciation for the intricacies of your work!