Heat Pump – Repair or Service
“Heat pump repaired quickly.”


Geothermal Heating or Cooling System – Install
“We looked at many contractors over the course of our search for the best Geothermal specialist. Not only are we extremely satisfied with our selection of Love’s Heating & Air we were pleasantly surprised by the level of personalization that came from John. Usually you see a sales professional who will quote the job and then a complete stranger comes in to do the job. This was not the case with Loves Heating & Air. John was completely involved in the project and performed the actual installation of the units.”


Heat Pump – Repair or Service
“Friendly, Knowledgeable. Fair Pricing. Took the time to educate to homeowner (me). Would recommend to friends and family.”

Albert M.

Gas or Electric Furnace / Forced Air Heating System – Repair
“I woke up at 4 AM this morning because it was very cold in my house. I entered the information describing my problem into the form and received a telephone call from Brent. Brent walked me through a series of checks and the heat came back on. It is now 5:23 AM and I have heat back on. Brent advised me to replace the filter and then give the furnace some more time. He provided his cell number and offered to come check the furnace. AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE. “


John, Brent and Greg,

It was a pleasure meeting you. Thank you for the wonderful job. I hope that your business continues to prosper. You have excellent customer relation skills. That’s how businesses should be built: by relationships.

May all of you have a blessed summer and winter. If I don’t see you again, may 2008 be a year of greater things than you have ever imagined!
The sky is the limit!



Dear John,
Now that our new HVAC system has been installed for a complete air conditioning and a heating season, we wanted to formally thank you and your guys for a fantastic job. The service provided by John Davidson, Mikey, yourself and the others was great in every possible way. You were timely, courteous, very clean and professional in all aspects of the installation. Considering that you had to install 2 A/C units, a natural gas furnace, and a lot of duct work in a 100 year old house with plaster walls, we consider this quite a feat. On top of the great service was your great price …… you beat your competition by several thousand dollars.

The operation of the equipment has been flawless, and we have been amazed by our utility bills. Last summer we attributed our low utility bills to a fairly mild summer and our effort to use the A/C only when it was quite hot, letting natural ventilation of the 3 story house with lots of windows suffice during periods below 85 degrees. This winter, however, we were shocked that our highest monthly utility bill was around $224 — we find this almost unbelievable for a 100 year old, 2700 sq. ft. house with the original windows and marginal, at best, insulation. Yes, we keep the house relatively cool and work hard to conserved energy, but we are convinced the 95% efficient gas furnace and the SEER 15 Heat Pump are the primary reasons for the low winter utility bills.

In summary, Betty and I could not be happier that we chose your company to install the new HVAC system in our “new” old house. We will not hesitate to recommend you to our neighbors who also live in 100 year old homes, and any others who may be in the market for new HVAC systems.


Hi John,
My wife reported that the house temp was “perfect” this morning. The outside temp was 25° +/-. This was in sharp contrast to her comments before the new equipment.
Just thought you and everyone else should know.

George & Lynn

I thought you might be interested in some input regarding the cost savings subsequent to the installation of the new system. Based on the last billing from BG&E for the 28 day period ending April 4, the household usage was 1661 kWh with an avg daily use of 59.3. The avg temp was 46 degrees. This included the several drain and fill for the hot water tank to get all of the sediment out. For essentially same period in April ’07 (but for 30 days vice 28 days) the usage was 2058 kWh with an avg daily use of 68.6 and an avg temp of 47 degrees. The big difference though is that the air coming out is now noticeably WARM where before it was not. That alone is worth the price of admission and it feels like we are getting something for our money. Thanx again.

TJ & Stacy

To Whom It May Concern,
It was imperative that we contact you immediately to convey our deep appreciation for Brent and his service. We have been literally awestruck at his dedication to help us with our heating system at great inconvenience to his schedule. In owning a home there are so many times when contractors have taken advantage of our need or have been utterly unreliable. More accurately, that is our common experience, as it is of so many of our friends. Love’s was highly recommended to us by our neighbor, Terry, and we are so grateful that we have had the opportunity to find Brent and Love’s. We will certainly be sending out our recommendation to all we know about your company; especially about Brent and his high level of customer satisfaction. We hope that he is a cherished employee of yours and receives proper remuneration for his excellence.

Thank you for your competency and high level of customer service.

Your Loyal Customers


Just wanted to give you a heads up that our geothermal system passed inspection this AM and to say thanks for the good work done by all your employees. The inspector was very complimentary of the quality of the workmanship and equipment. Will be in touch.