When Should You Consider Calling An AC Repair Technician?

Having a properly functioning AC unit is a necessity in warmer places. If your Air Conditioner wears down, you will have to sweat it out in high temperatures. It is also true that you can’t be an expert on the condition of your AC unit. However, technicians from air conditioner repair Pasadena, MD receive extensive […]

Why is AC maintenance important?

Even though you might have bought your Air conditioner some time back, regular maintenance is critical for your system to work efficiently in the summers. You can search for HVAC companies near me and reach out to them to carry out maintenance on your system. What is done in AC maintenance? A professional tune-up will […]

Why to Choose Loves Heating and Air for Air Conditioning?

From time to time, AC tune-up in Pasadena, MD is important to make sure that your air conditioner runs smoothly. Regular air conditioner repair can help save from future tension on the pocket. The summers in Pasadena, MD, can be grilling to pass through in the absence of an air conditioner at home. The summer […]

Testing the solar waters

Owner of Glen Burnie apartments tries a little sun power Maryland Management spends more $2 million heating hot water for the tenants of Crain Court Apartments each year. Company President Jim Clauson decided to do something about it. In what Clauson and others say could be the largest project of its kind  in the county, […]

21st Century Farmhouse

Imagine heating and cooling your home with the power of the sun. Red Wiggler’s new farm house does just that – using 21st-century technology to generate power for heating, cooling, electricity, cooking, and for hot water too. Beautiful, conservation-oriented and cost-efficient, it is a living example of sustainable and energy-efficient design. Who Built It? The […]

New Resident Seeking a Green House Effect

Making efforts to go green in all of life’s aspects Claudia Bohnert moved to Dutton Avenue in Catonsville last fall only after researching the town and her new address’s proximity to shops and amenities. She knew that once she settled into her new house, she didn’t want to drive much. “That’s really an important feature […]

Some Southern Maryland Workers Already Have ‘Green’ Jobs

Expansion called key to economic recovery in nation Green’s all the rage. President Barack Obama has pushed for “green technology,” “green energy” and “green” jobs as part of an economic stimulus package. But what exactly is a “green” job? There are many such positions right here in Southern Maryland: Heating and air-conditioning technicians who install […]

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Billboard on Wheels Promotes Energy Savings for Homeowners

What’s more than 40’ long, brown and green, and rolls along the highways of Southern Maryland offering consumers a chance to save up to 70% on their heating and cooling bills? The answer is a Dillon motorcoach that’s been transformed into a huge rolling billboard. For the past couple weeks, motorists stretching from Charles County […]

Warming to tax credits

Increasing numbers of homeowners are tapping into programs that reward green products Faced with replacing a 35-year old oil furnace in their Ellicott City home, Baltimore Symphony musicians Robert Barney and his wife, Julie Parcells, decided on a geothermal heating and cooling system with a hefty price tag of $30,000. But between tax credits from […]

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The Baltimore Sun

Living in Towson for six years, Debi Jarrell felt claustrophobic. She missed the open country of northwest Baltimore County where she was raised. The decision to move back to the small town of Trenton near Upperco would soon set her and domestic partner, Tim Hopkins, on a life-altering adventure into the realm of “green” construction […]