Furnace Short Cycling Problems: 8 Possible Causes

Short-cycling occurs when your furnace goes on and off repeatedly for short periods, preventing the house from reaching its proper temperature. A typical residential furnace cycles on and off three to eight times each hour, resulting in heating cycles of seven to twenty minutes. Your furnace is probably out of whack if it happens every […]

What Does An HVAC Technician Do?

HVAC units can be found in almost every home in Pasadena. When you call for an HVAC repair in Pasadena, they send over an HVAC technician. But who exactly is this HVAC technician, and what does he do? Who Is An HVAC Technician? An HVAC technician is any person that provides installation, maintenance, tune-up, repair, […]

What should happen during Preventive HVAC Maintenance?

HVAC maintenance and inspection services all homeowners in Pasadena need to use at least once a year. Without this service, you may find it challenging to maintain your air conditioner for 10+ years. You can ask contractors in Pasadena if heating and air maintenance will be one of their services. But what exactly happens in this service? Which Units […]

When Is It Time For Air Duct Cleaning?

Most of us are conscious of the positive effects of routine AC maintenance. If done correctly and at the appropriate moment, such operations may assist in extending the life of your air conditioning system. It would further ensure that it continues to function correctly and help to preserve the quality of the air in your […]

Air Conditioner Health Benefits And Risk

Cooling is undoubtedly one of several significant health advantages of an air conditioning unit. However, it performs numerous other functions than just keeping you relaxed in the summer. When it comes to avoiding heat-related illnesses or protecting from sickness, air conditioners can help a lot. This is the reason why you must never overlook the […]

Does Your HVAC System Need An Upgrade?

Do you know that in 1902 the modern HVAC system was invented? Since then, the usage of HVAC systems has risen exponentially. Now we can see the system installed in almost every house. But the question of when to upgrade the HVAC system often comes to our mind. Following are some points that will surely […]

Premium Tips For Your HVAC Needs

Homeowners must be familiar with every HVAC tip regardless of whether you’re a new owner or not. Get updated with HVAC companies near me; this way, you’ll always have the number on speed dial in case of emergencies.  A heating and air conditioning system keeps your home at a suitable temperature. HVAC units are typically installed and […]

Why is my AC Not Cooling Enough?

Are you sweating through the heat of the extreme summer, and your AC unit is blowing out hot air instead of cooling your house? In this case, you should call an HVAC repair Pasadena as there could be a fault in the AC unit, which can arise due to improper and irregular maintenance of the unit. There […]

How Often Should You Get HVAC Maintenance?

HVAC maintenance as you know helps to keep your unit in top shape. Regular maintenance of your HVAC unit helps it run smoothly. As an HVAC owner, you must keep this in mind as it’s vital to keep your HVAC system efficient throughout its lifespan. But do you know how often you should get HVAC […]

Early Signs That You Should Have Your HVAC System Replaced

A lot of individuals have grown up having an HVAC system at home. This could be an air conditioner for the hot summer months or a heating system like a furnace to help during winter. However, regardless of how well either of the systems has been kept, it can suddenly stop working. Rather than wait […]