Five Tips To Maintain The Well-Being Of Your AC Unit

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Five Tips To Maintain The Well-Being Of Your AC Unit

Do you want to protect your AC system and your monthly budget from dwindling because of the AC repair and replacement expenses? That’s why you are trying to find tips to keep your system healthy and fit.

Well, Love’s Heating and Air experts will provide some beneficial tips to keep all the unnecessary costs away.

Tips To Keep Your AC System In A Better Condition

You can include preventive tips from the Pasadena HVAC repair experts in your household chores, and these tiny tips will help you in extending the AC system’s life:

  • Regularly Replace The Air Flter

Replacing the air filter system on a timely schedule is a healthy habit to maintain the system in the best condition. It is best to invest in a simple and effective air filter like pleated or fiberglass and clean or replace it accordingly.

According to the AC service experts in Pasadena, MD, it is best to replace the air filter every three months, or you could clean the filters monthly to maintain the indoor air quality and AC system.

  • Trim The Greenery Growing Around The Outdoor AC System

External debris and foliage from the outer environment get inside the AC system components and mess with the AC refrigeration process. The dried leaves can get stuck inside the refrigeration or condenser coils and stop the entire process. It might even lead to the tripping down of the AC fuse because the air conditioning components will draw more energy to keep up with the functioning.

  • Schedule Preventive Maintenance Services On A Timely Basis

Maintenance services are necessary at all costs because they help to extend the AC system’s life expectancy. According to Pasadena HVAC repair experts, you should call the maintenance technician for services when the spring season is about to end. When you schedule the maintenance services, in the beginning, you ensure that the AC system works perfectly well for the entire summer.

  • Keep An Eye On The Condensate Drain

Before switching on the AC system to beat the heat, it is essential to check the condensate drain and pipe condition. You can clean the condensate drain by pouring a 0.5% bleach solution. You can even pour down ½ cup baking soda and ½ cup vinegar to clean the blockage and keep it pathogen-free.

Check the condensate pan for cracks or wreckage and call the HVAC companies near you to replace the pan.

  • Invest In A Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats are modern technology devices that help you to save your comfort settings in the thermostat, and the AC system works accordingly. The modern facilities will assist in saving energy and money because it gives a variety of options to increase the comfort in your household.

Do Maintenance Services Make A Difference in The AC System Quality?

Maintenance services are essential for every HVAC system because they eliminate the potential causes of expensive AC repairs. The Pasadena HVAC repair experts will report the issue building inside the AC in the early phases; you will save your money from spending on unnecessary expenses on repairs or replacement.

Maintenance services include lubrication services that will help to reduce the noise produced by the AC system during the operation.


Love’s Heating and Air experts will help you resolve your household system’s AC issues and keep your AC system in a better condition than before. Call (410)544-5333 and talk to one of our expert for AC service in Pasadena, MD.

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