Your Manual for Cleaning an HVAC Filter

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Your Manual for Cleaning an HVAC Filter

The blower pulls normal air into the HVAC system that contains dust, pet dander, hair, pollen, dirt, etc. When this air passes through an air filter, it traps all the contaminants. If the air filter is dirty, clogged, and has no space to trap more dirt, the contamination will accumulate on the condenser, blower, fan blades, and other parts.

Due to this, your heating and cooling equipment will blow contaminated air indoors. It can lead to a downfall in air quality requiring emergency heat pump repairs in Pasadena.

Over time, these particles will clog the entire mechanism leading to the high frequency of HVAC repairs in Pasadena. Replacing the AC and heater filter on time is essential.

Cons of Dirty HVAC Filter

A dirty filter leads to degraded air quality that can cause skin irritations, dizziness, fatigue, heart disease, and cancer. It also becomes the root cause of premature wear and tears and frequent HVAC repairs in Pasadena.

If you have not replaced the HVAC filter for a long time, you will experience the below-mentioned consequences:

Low HVAC Efficiency

The clogged air filter is one of the prominent reasons for high utility bills. The excessive dirt maximizes the strain on the HVAC unit. Your heating and cooling equipment works harder to fulfill its task.

High heating and cooling utility bills are common reasons for AC and furnace repairs in Pasadena. Therefore, you should replace the dirty air filter to maintain the efficiency of your furnace and air conditioner.

Inadequate Air Quality

As people spend around 90% of their time indoors, it has more impact on their health than outdoor air. The dirty air filter clogs the condenser, which can cause leakage, and the leakage can lead to mold and bacteria growth.

You should schedule annual furnace services in Pasadena and replace the air filter promptly to maintain clean and healthy indoor air.

Shortened HVAC Life

The dirty HVAC filter obstructs the mechanism of the condenser, compressor, and motor. It prevents them from working smoothly and causes frequent furnace repairs in Pasadena. These frequent HVAC failures shorten life expectancy.

Expensive HVAC Maintenance

The dirty air filter leads to dirt accumulation in air ducts. Later, the ductwork gets clogged, which leads to expensive repair and maintenance. You will need to bear the expense of air duct cleaning service and the unnecessary HVAC repairs near you.

Steps to Clean the HVAC Filter

The HVAC system usually has two types of air filters. One is disposable, and the other is non-disposable. Whether you use a washable or a disposable air filter, both need cleaning and replacement to prevent emergency HVAC repairs in Pasadena.

Steps to Replace the Disposable Air Filter

  1. Shut down the HVAC: The first step to replacing the disposable air filter is to ensure safety. You should turn off the power supply to prevent electrical damage during air filter replacement.
  2. Go through the manual: Your next task is finding the air filter. Generally, it is located at the bottom of the access panel. The best way to locate the air filter quickly is to go through the manufacturer’s manual. You will have to unscrew the access panel cover to remove the air filter.
  3. Pull out the air filter: Once you locate the air filter, you should pull it out. After this, vacuum the dirt off the access panel.
  4. Place new filter: After cleaning the entire access panel, push the new air filter inside. Make sure your new year filter is the same size as the old one. Ensure that the arrow on the filter is pointing toward the access panel.

Steps to Clean the w\Washable Air Filter

Like the disposable air filter, the washable filter also needs frequent cleaning. Wash it once every three months to eliminate the need for frequent furnace repairs in Pasadena. The first two steps of cleaning a washable air filter are the same. Steps to wash non-disposable air filter:

  1. Dip the dirty air filter in warm water and a vinegar mixture
  2. Use a water hose and gently spray water to remove debris, hair, pollen, etc.
  3. Rinse the air filter in running water
  4. Scrub the stubborn dirt with damp clothes and soap but do not rub it hard
  5. Wipe it with a soft cloth and wait until the filter gets completely dry
  6. Put the dry filter back in its original place

After replacing the filter, check the heating and cooling performance. Schedule an air conditioning or furnace service in Pasadena if you notice any issues.

The Right Time to Replace the HVAC Filter

The accurate time to replace the air filter depends on multiple factors. These factors are;

Filter Size

Small air filters have less capacity to trap dirt and require replacement once every 60 days. The medium size air filter, i.e., 4 to 5 inches, should be replaced once every 3 to 6 months. The large-size air filter should be replaced once annually, and that can be done by a professional during the annual furnace service in Pasadena.

Family Members

If someone in your family has asthma or other health issues, consider replacing it once every month. If there are four or fewer members in the family, replace your air filter once every 90 days. If there are senior citizens and children at home, consider replacing your air filter once every 30 to 60 days because they are more prone to the consequences of dirty indoor air.

Fur Babies

If you have one pet at home, you can replace your air filter within 2 to 3 months. If you have two or more pets, the air filter may get dirty quickly and need replacement every 30 days. If you follow this routine, you will reduce the frequency of furnace replacement in Pasadena and enhance the life expectancy of your HVAC. Use air purifiers to maintain good air quality and vacuum the air vents to maintain a clean air filter.

Bottom Line

The other way to keep your HVAC system clean and highly efficient is to schedule annual AC and furnace service in Pasadena. Loves Heating and Air has been providing HVAC maintenance and repair services since 2002. We also provide green comfort solutions. Our well-qualified technicians have around 20 years of experience.

Contact us at 410-705-2082 or email us to schedule service with the best furnace repair company in Pasadena.

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