Why Is My Water Heater Leaking From The Bottom?

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Why Is My Water Heater Leaking From The Bottom?

A water heater is an essential appliance in households, and If it is leaking, this might be a concern for you. It is more complex than any other home appliances, so if you are facing an issue, contact Pasadena’s most professional heating services, Loves Heating and Air.

Causes of Water Leaking From the Bottom of the Heater

Below are reasons for water leaking from the bottom of the water heater and how you can manage them with the help of a technician.

Temperature and Pressure Valve Problem

The temperature and pressure valve (T&P) comes with a drainage pipe that runs down from the top to bottom of the water heater. If the water pressure and heat rise inside the tank, there is a high probability that some water will spill.

This little water can be caught by the drain pan, which you might have installed through the technician of reliable heating services. However, if the leaking water issue continues, we advise you not to approach the problem alone and look for the most professional boiler repair service near you online.

Drain Valve Scenario

To protect your drain valve from corrosion through mineral buildup inside the tank, we advise you to flush the water heater through the valve at least once a year.

Also, if this drain valve is left open, water will leak from there, causing damage to the entire system. That is when you should understand you need professional heater services in Pasadena.

Clogged Inlet and Outlet Connection

Every water heater has two connections – an inlet and an outlet. The former lets the water flow into the water heater, and the latter allows the heated water to run through your home’s plumbing system.

In this process, lots of things can go wrong – from loosened bolts to cracks in the lines, and these damages can cause the water to leak from the bottom of your water heater. Before you look for a professional boiler repair service online, you can fix these issues.

The Issue Inside the Tank

You may have to look for a water heater repair service near you online if you have neglected the water tank for a long time. Like any machine, a water heater requires regular maintenance. Cleaning the water tank is a priority task on the maintenance checklist.

Long neglect will lead to mineral sedimentation that makes the water tank corrode severely, and as a result, you will notice water leakage from its bottom. Homeowners must clean the water heater tank regularly. If you can’t do it, consider hiring a professional heater service.


Water damage is a serious issue that must be dealt with immediately. The longer you keep it unchecked, the more your water is susceptible to permanent damage. In this respect, only look for the best water heater repair service online. Loves Heating and Air should be your only choice.

We are popular among homeowners for providing exemplary service at an affordable rate. Rely on us and you may never have to look for other heater service providers. Call us at 410-705-2196 to know more. Contact us today.

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