Why is my AC Not Cooling Enough?

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Why is my AC Not Cooling Enough?

Are you sweating through the heat of the extreme summer, and your AC unit is blowing out hot air instead of cooling your house? In this case, you should call an HVAC repair Pasadena as there could be a fault in the AC unit, which can arise due to improper and irregular maintenance of the unit. There may be faulty components or technical issues that lead to the possible reasons your AC unit is not cooling enough – 

  • Dirty Air Filter

An air filter is designed to trap contaminants in the air before it gets pulled into the system, so if it is not cleaned regularly, it will collect and affect the performance of the ac unit. A dirty or clogged air filter will also interfere with the workings of a thermostat and freezes the evaporator coil into a block of ice that blocks air. 

  • Blocked Condenser

The condenser is the heart of an ac unit, built to collect the hot air in the room and throw it out. When debris or dust is collected in or around the condenser coils, it hampers the efficiency of the condenser, and the hot air blows right back into your house. A blocked condenser also means requiring more energy to complete the task, increasing your energy bills. The broken motor can also be the reason your ac is not cooling enough.

  • Faulty Compressor

A compressor manages the flow of refrigerant between the evaporator and the condenser to be restricted in a faulty compressor. Get an AC repair Pasadena to check the unit.

  • Refrigerant Leak

A refrigerant or a coolant is a special chemical/ liquid that absorbs the heat and cools the air. In case of a leak or low refrigerant level, the air will not be cooled properly. 

  • Undersized AC

An AC unit should be properly sized for your house/ working space. If the ac unit is not fit for the size, space will not be cooled properly. Therefore, you must call an HVAC expert to perform a Manual J calculation to determine the correct size AC before installation. An HVAC expert will also analyze the climatic conditions of your area and suggest the right parameters to you for buying an ac unit.

  • Leaky Ducts

The air duct delivers cool air around the house; if there is a leak, the cooling efficiency will drop. In this case, you should look for air duct cleaning near me or HVAC experts that ensure the professionals at HVAC repair Pasadena provide quality service to its customers.

  • Time To Replace

An AC unit is a machine that loses power and efficiency with use and time. An AC unit usually works for 10-15 years if maintained properly by an expert in AC repair in Pasadena

  • Conclusion

Keeping an AC unit working properly requires regular AC repair in Pasadena and maintenance of its components. You should at least get your unit checked annually. For any service regarding your heating and cooling, you must call the HVAC expert at Love’s Heating & Air for ac installation and HVAC repair in Pasadena.

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