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Billboard on Wheels Promotes Energy Savings for Homeowners

What’s more than 40’ long, brown and green, and rolls along the highways of Southern Maryland offering consumers a chance to save up to 70% on their heating and cooling bills?

The answer is a Dillon motorcoach that’s been transformed into a huge rolling billboard. For the past couple weeks, motorists stretching from Charles County to downtown D.C. have been spotting this giant message as part of their morning and afternoon commutes.

Sponsored in part by five local heating and air conditioning contractors, the ad, known as a bus wrap, promotes WaterFurnace, one of the nation’s leading makers of geothermal heating and air conditioning equipment. The WaterFurnace system uses the natural heating and cooling properties of the Earth, due to its constant temperature that’s found just feet beneath the surface. Known simply as “geo,” WaterFurnace units serve as an eco-friendly alternative to home heating systems powered by oil, gas, or electricity.

Southern Pride Service in White Plains, Tri-County Aire in Charlotte Hall, Potter Heating and Air in Waldorf, Continental Services in Prince Frederick, and Love’s Heating & Air in Severn MD are all independent WaterFurnace dealers. They are banking on the bus wrap to spread the word about “geo” and generate new business for them.

WaterFurnace has even set up a special website that helps homeowners learn more about the dramatic savings that geo can deliver. The wrap itself was handled by Sayin’ It Loud, the local firm that also turns Charles County’s VanGo buses into rolling billboards.

Company Vice President Bill Snitcher said, “We’ve been doing wraps on the local buses for over a year now. But this is our first on a full-size coach. Advertising in a unique, creative way is nothing new but it sure does make an impact with people. They remember the message. If you don’t believe me, think about a big blimp in the sky. If the word “Goodyear” comes to mind, you just proved my point.”

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