Steps And Tips To Replace A Furnace Fan Limit Switch

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Steps And Tips To Replace A Furnace Fan Limit Switch

There are a variety of common furnace problems that cause the fan to keep running. If the furnace fails to operate, it will help cool the furnace if it becomes overheated.

The issue is that when the limit switch malfunctions, the switch sends a false signal to the heating and air system and makes it believe that it’s overheating when it’s not.

The Function of a Limit Switch in The Furnace.

Notify The Fan to Turn On

If the furnace has reached a temperature when it is turned on to start heating the home, it will notify the fan to turn it on.

The Fan Should be Notified When to Turn Off

After the thermostat is set to the desired temperature, the gas is shut off. However, it will continue to operate until the furnace has decreased to a predetermined temperature.

Stop the Furnace From Overheating

According to experts for furnace service in Pasadena, when you are at the high limit setting, the switch will trip, thus completely removing the risk of an explosion or fire.

The Steps to Change the Furnace Switch.

Use these guidelines to repair your damaged or worn-out furnace limit switch. You will avoid paying local specialists hundreds of dollars for heat pump service in Pasadena.

Furnace Deactivation

It will stop any potential accident that your DIY replacement might cause.

Removal & Configuration

Replace the switch using the same wiring as the one it replaced. It usually involves just two screws, two wires, and terminals. Follow the instructions to ensure dial settings are the same as before or are altered as needed.

If the model appears older, you should check the installation guidelines for help by following the minor additional steps like wiring the third line, installing the tab switch, and changing dial settings to appear precisely as they did before. Contact experts to ensure you’ve done it right.

Operational Testing

Once you’ve installed the new limit switch on your furnace, please turn on the furnace and alter the thermostat until it begins the heating process. Make sure that the exhaust is blowing a sufficient amount of warm air, and it’s not odd to verify your switch’s replacement.

Tips to Replace The Limiter of The Fan Switch.

  1. Ensure you’ve turned off the power to the furnace using an appliance service button or the breakers. It is the most effective way to ensure the appliance’s power is turned off.
  2. Once the power is turned off, you can take out the limit switch you had previously used and precisely connect the new one.
  3. The older switches tend to be more complicated, so ensure you’re comfortable with your work. It is one of the things you’ll need to hand over to a professional if you are unsure of the procedure you’re performing.

If you suspect you need an upgrade to your furnace’s limit switch, require HVAC repair in Pasadena, contact Loves Heating and Air at 410-705-2170 or drop us an email and make an appointment with a specialist.

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