Most Common Central Heating Unit Problems

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Most Common Central Heating Unit Problems

Nothing is worse than having a broken furnace in cold winters. While it is essential to repair your furnace immediately if it has stopped functioning, there are a few ways to identify issues before they become severe and save money on much more costly emergency heating services in Pasadena.

5 Most Common Central Heating Unit Problems.

Certain Areas of the Home Aren't Heated.

If your heating system isn’t warming your place evenly, it could be due to either dirty air filters or insufficient ductwork. Please check your air filters and change them as required during furnace service.

If the filters are in good condition or changing them does not work, it is suggested to examine your air ducts for leaks. If the issue is due to the ducts, you should contact an HVAC professional in Pasadena to look over your ductwork. Professional HVAC repair in Pasadena can fix issues that could cause malfunctions or require costly repairs during the busy winter months.

Clogged Air Filters.

If your filters have become dirty, your furnace may have difficulty circulating air. Some of the factors that could result in insufficient heating:

  • The kind of air filter that you are using
  • Pets in the home
  • Number of people in your home

The Heater is Blowing Cold Air.

Examine your thermostat and make sure it’s set at the right temperature. If not, your thermostat could have one of the issues listed below.

  • Leaky ductwork: Look for leaks in your attic. Seal any leaks and make sure your ducts are properly insulated.
  • Pilot light problems: Check to see if the pilot light on your furnace is on. Make sure the gas valve is checked and switched on. If the gas valve is turned on, but the pilot light doesn’t blink, you should consult an expert for heating services in Pasadena.
  • Fuel shortage: Verify that your furnace is receiving the fuel it requires to operate efficiently.

Weird Noises

The sounds (such as gush and pinging or creaking) are caused by pipes expanding and then rubbing against adjacent floorboards or studs. While clangs and pings aren’t causing alarm, you should be aware of any possible heating system issues before they become expensive and time-consuming. Many problems can be detected early on by regular maintenance of your central heating system.

The Thermostat Won't Turn Off.

Check that your thermostat is adjusted to auto mode instead of on mode. If not, the problem may be caused by one of two things.

  • Your thermostat is damaged or isn’t wired correctly.
  • Your furnace’s blower isn’t working.

Begin by examining your thermostat’s wires to confirm that all the wires are connected correctly. After that, set your thermostat back to factory settings, then test the system again. If this fails to solve the problem, you might need to change your thermostat.

If you have replaced the thermostat, but your furnace is still running, it could be due to a blower problem. It can be best handled by a heating replacement expert in the Pasadena area.

If you face any of the above problems, book an appointment with Loves Heating and Air for furnace repair and heating replacement in Pasadena. Call us at 410-705-2170 or send us an email today,

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