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How Can You Prevent HVAC Hazards

It is not often we think about how much HVAC technologies give us comfort. Even though today’s heating systems are safer than ever, people still get hurt and sometimes even die. If you know the risks and take care of your heating system, you can avoid unwanted outcomes.

Keeping your HVAC system in good shape is more important than keeping yourself cool. If it’s not taken care of properly, an HVAC system can be a fire hazard. HVAC repair in Pasadena is important. It’s important to know about HVAC fires to avoid damage and harm.

Prevent HVAC Hazards By keeping A Few Things In Mind

  • Inspect Electrical Wiring

If your HVAC unit has loose wiring or a gas leak, it could start a fire. Overheating is more likely to happen when wires are worn; signs of wear include smoke or a smell like something is burning. If the gas connections are not right, gas can leak from the unit, making fires more likely and lowering the quality of the air inside.

  • Keep Your Filters Clean

You should change your air filter at least once a month and no more than once every three months. If you avoid this, your HVAC system could have several problems. The most dangerous thing is a gas furnace. If the airflow is blocked, the parts of the unit may work too hard, and the whole system could overheat.

  • Clean Vents

A buildup of mold and dust on your vents is highly combustible. If dirt and dust build up in your vents, filters, and coils, it can block the flow of air and cause your unit to stop working. Make sure to change your filters often and keep the vents open in every room to keep your system from getting moldy or damaged.

  • Don’t Cover The Furnace System

Most furnaces are in the garage or a closet in your home. Storing things in your furnace closet can be very dangerous. Make sure to give your HVAC system a lot of space and keep the area around it clean and free of anything that could catch fire.

Some Common HVAC Dangers

It’s very important to look for signs of a possible HVAC danger before it happens. The following things are dangerous to people’s health and should be avoided to ensure everyone is safe. If you notice any of these signs, call HVAC companies near you.

  • Gas leakage
  • Faulty wiring connections
  • Leaking fuel
  • Chemical exposure
  • Inhaling harmful gasses

Professional Help Is Needed

Experts should only do what they are trained to work on. If you avoid taking care of your HVAC equipment properly, it can break down, start fires, or leak carbon monoxide, and make the air quality in your home worse. HVAC contractors and homeowners should be aware of the dangers of HVAC equipment.

You shouldn’t try to solve dangerous problems on your own. Our experts will look at all the connections and suggest how to keep everyone safe. For help, contact Loves Heating and Air. Call us at (410) 705-2196 for AC repair in Pasadena.

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