Early Signs That You Should Have Your HVAC System Replaced

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Early Signs That You Should Have Your HVAC System Replaced

A lot of individuals have grown up having an HVAC system at home. This could be an air conditioner for the hot summer months or a heating system like a furnace to help during winter. However, regardless of how well either of the systems has been kept, it can suddenly stop working. Rather than wait for the system to break down, especially when you need it the most, schedule an HVAC repair in Pasadena to discuss having your system replaced. This way, you can consider investing in an upgraded system before your original one reaches its last leg.

Signs That You Should Replace Your HVAC System

It can be quite difficult to decide when to have your HVAC system replaced. Apart from considering professional help, here are a few early signs that you should look out for:

  • Old Age

HVAC systems don’t exactly have a precise expiration date, but they do have an average lifespan. For a furnace, this tends to fall between 15-20 years. On the other hand, an ac unit can live between 10-15 years. However, after hitting the ten-year mark, the systems tend to start deteriorating due to old age. During this time, a person begins to schedule a Pasadena Hvac repair more frequently. Once you notice this, it becomes a good idea to start thinking of investing in a replacement unit.

  • Spike In Utility Costs

When you begin to notice an unexplainable spike in your utility bill, especially during the months that these systems are on, then you have a problem. A spike in your bill is often because of the efficiency level of your HVAC system decreasing. This results in your system having to use a larger amount of power and energy to be able to function. If you notice a spike try looking for an air duct cleaning near me to have the filters cleaned out. If the problem continues, then it is time to consider a replacement.

  • Problem With Performance

There comes a point in time when you realize that your HVAC unit is no longer able to maintain your desired temperature. This is seen through the frequent hot and cold spots around the room, especially when the system is on. While it is possible to have this seen through the help of an AC service in Pasadena, MD, this is not always the case with older models. During this time, the only thing possible is to consider having the system replaced.

  • Frequent Repairs and Maintenance

To help keep your HVAC systems in peak condition, it is best to schedule a maintenance service regularly. However, there comes a point when you start to notice that you require these services more frequently due to your system having an issue rather than a simple check-up. Not only does this become expensive, but there is also a higher possibility of the system suddenly breaking down. Rather than waiting for this to happen, the faster you replace your system, the better.

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