5 Tips To Prepare Your Home’s HVAC System For A Snowstorm

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5 Tips To Prepare Your Home’s HVAC System For A Snowstorm

Winters in Pasadena can last almost four months, and the temperature can go below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If a problem occurs with your heating system, you may require several HVAC repairs in Pasadena, especially if you failed to prepare it for winter. This preparation includes some professional and DIY services from skilled technicians.

Five Tips to Prepare the HVAC Systems For a Snowstorm

Snowstorms can be rough on your HVAC units. You can avoid many repairs and eliminate an inefficient heating system by considering the ahead given tips:

Replace Filter as Required

The air filter of your heating system needs to be replaced once every 90 days. However, you should check the condition of your filter once every month to know if it needs an early replacement. Sometimes, the air filter may get dirty quickly because of surroundings and other reasons.

The air filter needs a replacement within 30 to 60 days if you have pets at home. The same procedure applies if any family member has asthma or other health issues. Do not forget to check your air filter every month.

Replace Non-Programmable Thermostat

A non-programmable thermostat is not efficient enough to match your needs, because it cannot automatically detect the fall and rise in temperature. On the other hand, a programmable thermostat can lower your energy bills. It changes the temperature according to your indoor requirement. The auto temperature settings, motion sensor, and mobile app control let you reduce the energy consumption of your furnace.

Clean the Entire HVAC Unit

Even if you schedule HVAC service annually, you still have to clean it yourself whenever required. Sometimes, the HVAC system gets dirty quickly due to heavy rainfall or storms.

Inspect the heating system when your system suddenly starts malfunctioning to know if it needs cleaning. Always keep a hand vacuum, water hose, screw diver, etc., at home to clean your HVAC system.

Schedule Annual Inspection

An annual inspection is a must to cease the minor defects from expanding more. An annual inspection will maximize the heating efficiency of your furnace or heat pump.

If you contact an experienced HVAC contractor twice for yearly HVAC servicing, your heating equipment will warm up the room more efficiently. An HVAC service today will prevent several HVAC failures tomorrow. Search online for the best HVAC companies near you before scheduling HVAC services.

Install a Generator

Some areas have frequent power cuts. Ensure you don’t have to keep your furnace off during harsh winters because of no electricity. You should install a generator for power backup to keep using your HVAC system constantly.

These five tips will prepare your heating system, no matter how cold the winter will be. Love’s Heating and Air is a fully licensed Pasadena heating and air company providing all HVAC services since 2002. We are also experts in green energy solutions. Contact us to schedule service for your HVAC.

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