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Jeffrey Wilson

Geothermal Heating or Cooling System Install

I wanted to write a note to relay my recent experience with Chris Lewis from your company. I’ve had a Water Furnace with a vertical loop system in place for about a decade, installed by your company. On January 21st, I went into my basement to find that my hot water assist tank had started leaking water on my basement floor. I called your main number, and Chris answered right away despite the early hour. he was quick to set up an appointment and started the process of replacing my tank without delay. He was right on time, knowledgeable about our system, and put a plan to replace our tank immediately. I couldn’t have asked for a more responsive or straight forward interaction. As a busy person and a parent of a young child, I can’t fully express the value of having a good, quick, and certain solution at hand.

I’ve been a customer of Love’s Heating and Air for about ten years, and have always gotten great service. In this case, I thought to mention Chris’s work as exceptional, even by that standard.

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