You asked that I let you know after a year how my geothermal costs compared to my oil heat and central air conditioning costs.

It’s a great comparison. I had $4,041 the year before in heating oil and service costs that are gone forever as a yearly cost. I expected to have a higher electric bill, and I did pay more than $206 more in electricity this year, however the rates have increased, and I believe the winter has been much colder, so it is hard to compare exactly (In addition, I switched from well to city water, so I do not have the cost of the electric well pump, and I do have a small new quarterly water cost (about $20). On the other hand I no longer run a humidifier in winter or space heaters in the basement, so I am thinking that overall my costs for electricity are lower, all things considered).

The only thing to add to the list is a yearly service contract with you.

By the time I deduct 1/3 of the up-front costs from federal taxes, $5K tax rebate from Howard County, and $1,500 from the state, and achieve a saving of about $4,000 a year, it will take me less than 4 years to recoup my investment in geothermal.

Not only that, I love the clean, quiet, more functional system!

I’m definitely a happy customer, and your Company has been great to work with.


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